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Fighting Back when Care Hurts

Help for Families in West Sussex

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Clockwise from top left,  Adrian Tilley and late mother Valerie, who died in a Sussex Healthcare (SHC) home; HACA's Mark Bates with son Matthew, who was severely injured in a SHC home; some of the 'Orchid View' families who lost loved ones in the West Sussex home near Crawley 

Too many vulnerable people have suffered injuries, neglect and even death in care homes in West Sussex. Families have felt let down time and again by the agencies that are there to protect the vulnerable, namely Local Authorities, care home owners, police and even the regulators.


We have seen attempts by agencies to cover up mistakes and poor performance around care, leaving families not knowing which way to turn or whom to trust. For anyone in this position, it can feel as though no one is there to help. No one has even been there to ask.

Angry at the continuing injustice and abuse of human rights suffered by vulnerable people, families have come together in an Alliance to:-

  • record and help fight abuse

  • influence official bodies to change their culture

  • provide effective help forum for families - when care hurts.

We acknowledge that there are many excellent and dedicated staff and well run care homes in West Sussex, sadly this is not, and has not been the case throughout the county. Anyone who is unhappy at their experience of poor care in West Sussex can contact HACA. Together we can make a difference. Our collective voice and body of opinion will be more difficult to ignore. 


HACA (West Sussex) already includes families who have seen loved ones suffer serious injury and die in West Sussex-based homes in high-profile cases such as the 2010 Orchid View care home scandal, when 19 older people died and the on-going Sussex Healthcare affair, in which Police are currently investigating 13 deaths.

It also includes people who are challenging the authorities over unexplained neglect, injury and abuse suffered by their vulnerable relatives in care in West Sussex.


You may not have been able to speak up at the time, or you may have been convinced by the authorities that things would be dealt with appropriately when in fact they were not. You may well not have known what to do or who to turn to. 

You may have details of harm, neglect and abuse to share and discuss. You may want advice on what you can do. You may just be concerned that someone you love is not being properly cared for. We would like to hear your story and for you to become part of our Alliance.


HACA (West Sussex) has been formed in order that you can tell your story, alongside others that have been similarly treated and affected. Together, we are stronger. 


We plan to hold a gathering of affected families in early 2019 at a venue in West Sussex. If you have been affected by poor care in West Sussex please contact us via the website and tell your story.

Clive book.jpg

HACA (West Sussex) has the support of Clive Driscoll, the renowned ex-Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector - who successfully pursued justice for Stephen Lawrence.

Clive was at the media launch and will also be at our first meeting.

Clive Driscoll

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